Hello! Nice to meet you, I’m Katie- a typical Yorkshire girl (aside from the fact that I don’t say ‘ey up’ and I don’t particularly like tea either, so perhaps maybe not quite typical at all). A reformed shopaholic, I’ve managed to scrimp together some pennies, sell all of my possessions and live out of a backpack for the foreseeable future. Never one to stay in a place too long, I quickly get restless and am soon itching to move on to experience the next country, the next culture and the next adventure. I’ll put it out there- I don’t have a lot of money, I don’t have a trust fund or parents who pay for my travels (fair play if you do), I worked my bum off to get me where I am, so my goal is to make it last for as long as humanly possible; if that means hitch-hiking across Malaysia, couch surfing, wearing clothes that no longer fit me or eating oats for tea for weeks on end than damn it, I’ll do it. Having said that, my main aim in life is to simply live life and have the most fun whilst doing it.

Writing has been something I’ve always done, I just figured I would be working for a ridiculously expensive high fashion magazine by now… but if there’s one way to kill your passion for something, then study it at university folks. I’ve perpetually been a little self-indulgent though so writing a blog purely about me and where in the world I am was always something I’d love doing.

I’m a sun worshipper which I get from my lovely mother whom I adore more than the world, I could talk for England and am an absolute greedy guts- which I probably inherited from my dad. If you stick around then you’ll see I have excellent intentions at trying to set a good example to you bright-eyed novice travellers out there and I’ll give you the best advice that I can, but usually I’m a walking, talking guide of what NOT to do. I’ve left my passport in a taxi, missed my bus more often than I’d like to recall, spent a lot of money on a flight to decide 2 days later I don’t like it and want to leave and I don’t do much research on places either- I’m more of a suck it and see kind of girl. But I always have funny stories to tell, so it’s worth it…usually.

By reading this, you’re probably thinking I’m a gutsy, go-getting, solo female traveller. Nope. My travel partner is actually the love of my life, long term boyfriend Joe-who takes the majority of my photographs, is the biggest smart-arse I’ve ever met and likes to annoy me by playing the guitar all of the time. He’s my GPS in human form, whom I will blindly follow and then get mad at when we’ve gone the wrong way, even if I didn’t even take a glimpse at the map-sorry about that. I’m also sorry I left you out of my blog title, but like I previously mentioned; I’m a little self-indulgent.

Congrats if you’ve read to this point, although I did forewarn you that I could talk (and type I guess) for England. I hope my blog entertains you with my stories filled with tomfoolery and swashbuckling from around the globe, I may even include some images of delicious vegan food (a vegan who hasn’t mentioned it until now…I know how preposterous!)

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Much love from wherever I am