A jaunt in York

From the ancient capital of Thailand to the ancient capital of England; York is one of my favourite places in the world. Rich in history with beautiful architecture, York is a must see destination in the UK. Established by the Romans in 71 AD (which blows my mind when I think about it), this place is one that I thought about most when on the other side of the world. The cathedral is breathtaking- cathedrals kick temples’ arses any day, the wonky houses have character and the cobbles are charming. I love the autumnal crisp air, I love the thatched houses, I love the beams, I love the wall, I love Yorvik, I love the railway museum, I love the vegan restaurants, I love the cutesy independent cafe’s…I just LOVE York!

Living in a different continent for so long gave me an entirely different appreciation for places I often take for granted. I thought I had grown tired of my home country and longed to leave; often daydreaming of exciting, exotic locations. I’ve rediscovered my passion for England; it’s architecture, it’s culture, it’s character, even it’s weather. Just pretty please do me a favour, if you come to the UK, PLEASE go somewhere other than London. Yes it’s great, but there are many other wondrous places here if you stray further afield. Don’t worry, I’ll help you on your way and show you some of my favourite places in my country.

What to do in York

  • Become a viking at Yorvik
  • Steam ahead at the National Railway Museum
  • Go back in time at the York Dungeons
  • Get spooked on the Ghost walk
  • Walk the walls
  • Be Festive at the Christmas Market
  • Shop til you drop at the Designer Outlet
  • Have afternoon tea at Betty’s
  • Be in awe at York Minster
  • Bag a bargain at the Shambles

Much love from wherever I am xx



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