From washing Elephants to washing cars

It’s been over two weeks since we landed back in England, which is a little crazy because it honestly feels like we never even left in the first place. Pretty much everything here has remained the same since Joe and I hopped on a plane to live on the other side of the world 11 months ago; it’s as if everything in England was put on pause while we were gone and now the play button has been pressed and everything is back to normal. It sometimes feels as if Thailand was this crazy, vivid intense dream and I have to remind myself that it did actually happen. In a matter of weeks I went from washing an Elephant in Hua Hin, to washing my new car outside my house…it’s downright bizarre.

Home is comfortable, it’s cosy, it smells familiar and I am so grateful to be here for now. I’ve met my baby niece, caught up with old friends, kicked autumn leaves like a child,  seen my breath on a frosty morning, felt cold for the first time in forever, went to a vegan festival, ate so much I made myself sick and hiked some of my favourite trails in the country- only this time I’ve driven there myself. Am I getting itchy feet yet? I’d day more of a tingle than an itch for now, besides there are plenty of adventures in the making so watch this space….

Much love from wherever I am xx



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  1. Wonderfull pictures. bewitching view

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  2. Dreamtemples says:

    Awesome pictures of Yorkshire – one of the most beautiful places on earth!

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    1. wherekatiegoes says:

      Agreed! I could go anywhere in the world and still find myself missing home

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      1. Dreamtemples says:

        There can be nothing like the Dales! Herriot country!


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