Splashing around-Hua Hin

Before half term started I made a promise to myself that I would write every single day…it’s obvious that that just hasn’t happened. I apologise I haven’t kept this promise but I’ve been pre-occupied with the 5* resort we’ve been staying in for the past 2 weeks (I’ll take some photos of it and write a post about it later so stay tuned). As a backpacker, everything about this place seems fancy; there’s a bath for a start- IN THAILAND! I’ve been wandering around for days with my eyes wide been amazed by every small detail from the constantly perfect grass to the man playing the Ranet Ek (a traditional Thai instrument in the shape of a boat- google it) every evening.

Other than lounging around the pool and eating everything in sight we’ve not been up to a great deal- hence the lack of posts. Feeling a bit disconnected from all of my lovely readers, I spent a few hours editing together a video from when we went to Vana Nava water park last week- it’s basically a 5 minute barrel of laughs including; water slides, surfing and Evie falling over A LOT, enjoy!

Much love from wherever I am xx


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