The not-so green lungs of Bangkok

I live in Phrapradang, Samutprakarn- which I’m guessing none of you will have heard of; not to worry, I hadn’t either until I got here. Before moving to this unknown town, I did a little research, and by that I mean I googled the town name. Unfortunately, very little came up (in English anyway), I guess my little town didn’t have enough going for it for anybody to write about. The one thing that was mentioned time and time again was a place called The green lungs of Bangkok; supposedly great for hiking, cycle trails, picnics and a 10 baht boat ride over the river into the mainland. Sounded perfect to me, so today Joe and I rode the 30 minute taxi ride from our apartment to check it out.

The lungs were…underwhelming and not what I expected. I envisioned riding my bike through an oasis of lush greenery, similar to that of Bali or Vietnam. Naturally I was bitterly disappointed when we were cycling on main roads to get from one attraction to the next and getting bullied out of the way by motorbikes and taxis. The fighting fish attraction is a cruel display of too-large fish in too-small tanks and the floating market albeit cool and quirky actually sits on concrete and does not float at all like the name may suggest.

We eventually found solace when we stumbled across the Sri Nakhon Park. The park was like a dream come true; cute wooden bridges and pagoda’s, a beautiful wild lake with lilipads and fountains, huge, ancient trees shaded you from the burning Sun, bird watch towers stood like giants on hilltops and monitor lizards lurked on riverbeds. In fact, I loved the park so much I would go all the way back to the lungs, just for that- but next time would take a picnic with me as there was no food in the entire area, only a bunch of trying to be hipster, overpriced coffee shops.

All’s well that ends well and my journey across the river on a 10bht motorized canoe, a stroll in Lumpini Park and tea at my new favourite vegan restaurant Broccoli Revolution (that I may have eaten at 3 times this week) was definitely the cherry on the cake. Although the Green Lungs weren’t as I expected, maybe I’m just a well-travelled, ungrateful brat who expected Bangkok- a concrete jungle to provide me with something as awe-dropping as Bali, which let’s face it, could never happen. I still had a blast cycling all day with my love and soaking up every last inch of sunshine I could get my hands on, I feel as if I have a vitamin D deficiency  now that I spend my life in a concrete classroom.

Here’s to next weekend.


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