The mythical fish of a cosmic ocean

Living just a 15 minute drive from central Bangkok means it can become very easy to spend all of your free time in the incredibly exciting, brilliantly tacky, sensory overloading, deeply cultural metropolis. I feel as if I’m jumping on a sky train every chance I get; but as much as I still have to pinch myself each time I look upon the crazily, congested roads or the towering concrete giants and think ‘I actually live in the midst of this chaos’, I feel like I’m abandoning my little town of Phrapradang. I’ve lived here for a short while now and other than venturing to my local Big C supermarket, I’ve not explored my beloved town yet, given it the chance to wow me or allowed it to compete with Bangkok to steal my heart.

Taking a trip to the Ancient City; a 20 minute taxi ride from my apartment threw a huge spanner in the works. The self-proclaimed largest open air museum in humanity acted as a dream-like oasis from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Ancient City excited me; I’m still getting the hang of working Monday-Friday and am (very embarrassingly) mourning the end of my travelling days as I once knew them. I now live for the evenings and the weekends and although I’m enjoying teaching, It’s not what I want to be doing long term. I haven’t found my thing yet, I’ve simply come to the conclusion that maybe for me, I’ll never love working, it will always just be a way to fund my dream of travelling the world and I’m okay with that. The Ancient City made me a little nostalgic, it was like I was backpacking again and was the best day I’ve had in a long while. Like a toy town, the city has built almost to scale, landmarks from around the country to allow its visitors to experience the wonders of Thailand all in one day. The park is shaped like this beautiful country and as you cycle around it you really appreciate Thailand in all it’s glory. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the crocodile-sized monitor lizards here, they’re the craziest yet fascinating animal I’ve ever seen.



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  1. DreamTemples says:

    Loved the pictures! Thanks.


    1. wherekatiegoes says:

      Thank you very much 😊😊😊

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