A day in Kep

Kep is a tiny seaside town only a 20 minute drive away from the centre of Kampot. I have no real interest in any more beaches, or eating fresh crab- which is what Kep is known for, so I wasn’t too bothered about visiting . However, Kep managed to seduce me through my love of hiking. I haven’t done any decent treks since Laos- although Cambodia does offer some pretty amazing trails, they can be pretty dangerous and I can’t afford a guide to take me places, so in the fear of getting blown to pieces I left well alone. Kep offers a 100% safe National Park and only charges $1 entrance.

Thanks to the Squirrel Association and Led Zep cafe, they have managed to transform the park into a hikers paradise which could easily rival the National Trust. The trails were clearly signed, paths were cleaned, and trimmed, there were wooden benches and viewpoints dotted around the park and points of interest were marked as well. Joe and I are still recovering from Food Poisoning we picked up in Koh Rong so decided to take it easy with a simple loop of the park- roughly 8km.

Kep itself was a little underwhemling, although the bay is stunning to look at. Brilliant for a day trip, Kep is fantastic for hiking (and crab apparently) but not much else- stay in nearby Kampot for more of a buzz.


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