*Foodporn Warning!*

After a hellish (and delayed) flight to Bangkok, it’s safe to say that Joe and I were grumpy, jet lagged and not really feeling the whole travelling game- day 1 I know how pathetic is that?! As we’re two of the greediest people you may ever meet, the only way we were ever going to pull ourselves together was to taste some of the finest cuisine that Thailand has to offer- and I think we found it.

I began following Veganerie on Instagram a few months ago and knew we had to go there the second we landed in Bangkok; so after a short nap and pep talk to each other, that’s exactly what we did.


We visited the Concept location, which isn’t too far from Phrom Phong BTS Skytrain station. The staff were lovely and really easy to communicate with, the atmosphere was lively, the decor was contemporary and interesting; the food was to die for. This isn’t your usual backpackers retreat- the prices were a little higher than what you would usually pay and the swanky surroundings made me wish I had put some makeup on. But it anything, that just made me savour the experience even more- knowing that it wouldn’t happen everyday.

I would 100% reccomend Veganerie to meat-eaters and vegans alike, it’s truly heaven on Earth.

‘Pulled Pork’ Mushroom burger- The ‘Mayonnaise’ was delicious, the best I’ve ever tasted.
Tofu Satay cucumber salad- I wanted to try a Thai style dish and was not disappointed. I could eat the tofu skewers every day and not get sick of them
The Ultimate treat- Strawberry Cheesecake Frappucino. Complete with ice cream, real strawberries, crumbled biscuits and coconut whipped cream. I’ll be dreaming of this for weeks.



I’ll update on our other Bangkok adventures as soon as my food baby has returned to normal size and I can actually move again.


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